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Adam's Apple Contouring Surgery in Thailand
Types of cosmetic surgeries

1. Nose Surgery

   People all over the world have distinct facial features according to their ethnicity and race. However in general, female noses are narrower than males. This distinctive characteristic makes male exhibit dominance than females.

   Through the use of modern techniques, MedAsia offers different procedures:

• Augmentation Rhinoplasty- a procedure that lift the ridge of the nose using different methods that are safe and accepted in the field of medicine.
   - Augmentation using soft Silicone
   - Augmentation using E-PTFE sheet
   - Augmentation using body tissues such as bone or ear cartilage

2. Eye Surgery

   Eyes are very important organ of our body. Most people believe that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Possessing beautiful eyes makes a big difference not just in the person’s appearance but also exhibit the youthness. Due to the diversity of raises, looking into someone’s eyes can determine the origin of race the person came from. Most Asian people tend to have small eyes.

   At MedAsia Healthcare Complex, we designed a cosmetic surgery that encompasses different methods in enhancing and correcting the eye structures.

These techniques comprises of:
   • Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty- which corrects the defects or excess skin and fat in upper or lower eyes thus tightening the skin.
   • Epicantoplasty and Lateral Cantoplasty- makes the eyes looks wider in both medial and lateral angle of the eyes which makes the eyes appear bigger.
   • Double Eyelid Surgery (Japanese Eyes)- is a technique creating a fold on the upper lid to which also makes the eyes looks bigger.
   • Eyebrow Lid with the use of Endoscpe or Endotine- is a technique that enables the procedure to be performed with a minimal number of incision and a minimum downtime.

3. Lip Surgery
   Lips serve us our way to express fun, thoughts, emotions and decisions by just looking at the shape and size of the mouth. Lips indeed can say a lot of things without words. In today’s generation, lips became a symbol of how a presents their selves. The shape, texture and composition of lips speak highly of a person’s sensuality having a full lips shows courage and significant character.

   Through MedAsia Healthcare, you can achieve the lips that you desire using modernized technique for lips reconstruction and rejuvenation.

   • Lip enhancement using fat injection or filler
   • Upper lip lift- for sagging lip due to the process of ageing
   • Angle of mouth lift (Smiling Mouth)
   • Lip Reduction (upper or lower) per side- for too prominent lips
   • Corner Lips liposuction- for people who have excess fat at the corner of the lips to reveal natural shape and fullness.

4. Cheek Surgery
   Cheeks are an important feature of our face. They symbolize how we present ourselves to the world. A good cheek quality reveals our inner personality which includes determination, power, and charm.

   We at MedAsia helps you achieve your visual appeal for social and romantic reasons with the use of advance technology such as:
   • Cheek Augmentation using Silicone or E-PTFE which are highly accepted and approved in the field of cosmetic surgery.
   • Cheekbone reduction (Front or Side)- procedure for very prominent cheekbone
   • Cheek Augmentation using fat injection- for the people who prefers conservative way of enhancement.
   • Cheek Liposuction- to lessen excessive fat around cheekbones.

5. Chin
   These days, people tend to perform and look best for career and personal satisfaction. Chin possessed the person’s strength and willpower for aggression.

   Chin enhancement and reconstruction is one of the procedure offered by MedAsia Healthcare. With the use of state if the art technology, chin enhancement and reconstruction becomes possible.

   • Chin Augmentation through the use of:
        Fixing Screw
   • Chin Shaving or Reduction for prominent chin
   • Chin Sliding Forward or Backward to correct facial symmetry
   • Chin Liposuction for people who have excess fat underneath the chin

6. Forehead, Face and Neck Surgery
   In our society where people are more demanding for youthfulness, modernized procedures such as cosmetic surgeries became more appealing to renew what ageing process has already taken away and rejuvenate the entire appearance creating a younger more vibrant face.

   MedAsia offers variety of contemporary techniques to enhance body image especially the face. These techniques are:

   • Forehead Lift which alters the drooping of the eyebrows and wrinkles across the forehead.
   • Forehead Augmentation which enhances the symmetry of forehead for people who have naturally depressed forehead.
   • Hairline Lowering is done for people who have naturally high hairline making their forehead more prominent than other features of their face.
   • Mini Face Lift which is done to remove excess fat and folds in the skin that obscure the natural contour of the face.
   • Full Face Lift is done to reverse the effect of loose and wrinkled skin around the jaws, cheeks, and eyelids to rejuvenate the entire facial appearance.
   • Neck Lift which improves visible signs of ageing in the jaw line and neck for sagging skin
   • Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) which is effective in reshaping the appearance of ears that have unattractive characteristics.
   • Adam’s Apple Shaving which is a common procedure to enhance the feminine appearance of the person.
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