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Alarplasty (Nose Surgery) in Thailand
Alarplasty (Nose Surgery) in Thailand

Alarplasty procedures are becoming more popular in a world where appearance does matter. This procedure reconstructs the nostril portion of the nose and the alar base, which is the portion to the underlying section of the nostrils that is attached to the face. A lot of people would like to lessen the aspect of flared nostrils and make them less pronounced. Alarplasty is the perfect solution for this and the surgical method is relatively simple and involves cutting a very small piece of tissue from the bottommost area of each nostril, closest to the alar base. This is an outpatient procedure and it is done with local anesthesia, so it is a minor surgery which can be completed in a matter of hours with the patient being able to go home and rest right after the surgery is over.

Consultation and Evaluation

First, the surgeon must do an initial evaluation to see if the patient has any health factors that might complicate the surgery; candidates who have disorders and diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or anemia will require a closer examination by the physician to ensure the patient’s safety and that the procedure will be a success.

Upon acceptance of the candidate by the surgeon, he will advise the patient to refrain from smoking and modifying intake of medications that might affect the surgery. The surgeon will most likely give the patient the choice of receiving general anesthetic or local anesthetic. The surgeon will then proceed to remove a designated amount of the nostril tissue with a small scalpel right at the area where the nostril base connects with the soft tissues of the face.

The surgeon will decide which incisions are best for the patient to avoid any scarring and other complications after the surgery. After each nostril has had a small wedge of tissue removed, the surgeon will realign the nostrils to the faces contours to ensure an optimal new appearance. Then the incised areas will be sutured up and the doctor usually sends the patient home. The entire surgery time is usually less than one hour and often only thirty minutes. Healing time takes about two weeks and it is important to follow instructions given by the surgeon, nurses, and staff to hasten the healing process and avoid any complications after the surgery. The patient should not engage in any strenuous exercise for two weeks nor rub the nose area intensely when showering or blowing the nose.

Alarplasty Gives New Life

The patient’s new appearance will give the individual new pride and self-confidence, especially when friends comment on it favorably. MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand is one of the best facilities to receive this kind of cosmetic surgery because of the expertise of the surgeons in this area of cosmetic surgery and also because of the affordable pricing. Altering one’s appearance is a huge endeavor and it is important to find an experienced, caring, and attentive doctor to perform this service. Our medical board of trained professionals at MedAsia Healthcare Complex will provide the best advice, care, and service available in Thailand.
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