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Breast Reduction in Thailand with Professional Results
Breast Reduction in Thailand with Professional Results

In light of a burgeoning medical tourism industry around the world due to tighter budgets for people living in developed countries coupled with increased technological capabilities, new opportunities have emerged. Among these are cosmetic procedures that improve appearance and health. Breast Reduction Surgery is one of these services in this category that is gaining popularity in Thailand, and MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Bangkok has some of the finest facilities and surgeons to perform this surgery in the country.

Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

Large and heavy breasts can be very uncomfortable, especially when they cause posturing inconsistencies or skin irritation. Physical activities may also be uncomfortable or painful. These reasons are some of the more common ones for getting breast reduction surgery and the surgeon will evaluate the criteria in detail to determine the best route to take in performing the surgery.

Consulting with the Surgeon

The initial part of the process begins with a consultation with the surgeon who will determine the best route to take for patients to get the most benefit out of the procedure. Questions about medical history and what medications that are currently being taken will be part of this routine. All of the information given during the consultation will be kept confidential and it is exclusively for the surgeon to be able to make the best decisions for an optimal outcome of the surgery.

The surgery will begin with general or local anesthesia being administered to the patient. Incisions are done with great care and are highly technical as well as strategic. The first incisions for breast reduction are made around designated areas of the areola. Following this, more are made underneath the breast line where it joins the chest tissues.

After this, loose and unneeded skin is removed from around the areola while fatty tissue is removed from the bottom portion of the breast. The nipple is then relocated to a higher point on the breast to give a firmer appearance. At the conclusion of the surgery, the incisions are sutured up and then the whole breast area is cleaned and disinfected. Gauze is then placed on the incisions and the breasts are wrapped in an elastic bandage.

Excellent Medical Care at MedAsia Healthcare

There will be pain for a couple of days following the surgery and pain medication will be given by the surgeon to alleviate this. After about two weeks, patients can begin resuming their normal routines. The scars left from the surgery are normal and they will fade over time, and the degree of noticeability will differ from patient to patient.

Here at MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand, we strive to offer the absolute best medical care services for any patient interested in Breast Reduction Surgery. In terms of quality, the facilities are on par with the highest international standards of healthcare anywhere in the world.
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