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Thailand Offers Convenient Breast Lift Surgery
Thailand Offers Convenient Breast Lift Surgery

Currently, with the advances in medical technology, the availability of affordable medical procedures is allowing many people to obtain surgeries to enhance their well-being like never before. This, combined with the downturn in the economy in developed countries, had created a boon for medical services in developing countries which have implemented the necessary medical facilities to now deliver high quality medical healthcare to foreigners who have discovered the benefits of getting treatment abroad.

Breast Lift Surgery is a procedure that can be done in Thailand and other developing countries for a fraction of the cost than if it were done in America or Europe. A breast lift is done to correct the size, contour, and the “lift” of drooping breasts to give a woman an aesthetically appealing bust. Natural effects of aging, pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, and loss of elasticity result in loss of shape and tone of the breasts. With the newest technology at MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand, Breast Lift Surgery can be done efficiently, effectively, and at an economic price.

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

The types of Breast Lift Surgery are categorized by the incision patterns use to do the surgery. These include the following:

Crescent Lift - involves a crescent of skin removed at the top of the nipple to improve nipple position. This is the least invasive breast lift.

Benelli Lift - Otherwise known as a Circumareolar Lift. This is best used for slight nipple asymmetry or a mild lift. A doughnut-shaped incision is made around the areola to remove tissue and the skin is then 'purse-stringed' to tighten the breast skin. It is less invasive than a full mastopexy. A flattening effect on the breasts may occur.

Lollipop Lift - Or Vertical Scar Mastopexy. A lollipop-shaped incision is made from the crease of the breast vertically and surrounds the nipple. This is a very effective lift for many women with low hanging breasts.

Anchor Lift - For significant breast droop. This is when the incision is made similar to the lollipop, but also travels along the breast crease, forming an anchor shape. This is the most invasive breast lift procedure, but very effective for women with a long inframammary fold (distance from breast crease to nipple).

The Evaluation and Consultation

Before surgery, it will be necessary to get an evaluation to see if a breast lift is the right procedure for you. The surgeon will review your medical history including any previous surgeries, any known allergies, and what medications you are currently taking. The entire surgery takes an average of three hours. Upon completion of the surgery, there will be pain and swelling and you will need to take anti-inflammatory medication. MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Bangkok, Thailand offers professional medical services for patients worldwide.
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