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Chin Augmentation Surgery in Thailand
Chin Augmentation Surgery in Thailand

Getting that perfect image is not easy for everyone and we are not all created equal. This is why Chin Augmentation Surgery is available for those wishing to have a more attractive chin contour and structure. The chin is an important part of the face, if not the most distinguishing aspect of its shape. Many people want their face to appear leaner and rounder. The reconstruction of the chin can greatly change the features of a lackluster chin, creating a new sense of self-confidence in a person’s psyche and improving their life in general.

MedAsia Healthcare Has Professional Surgeons

Finding the right surgeon to do a delicate operation like this is very important. MedAsia Healthcare Complex has some of the most highly skilled surgeons who are internationally accredited and trained in America and the U.K. They are the backbone of the institution and provide exceptional care to patients traveling from abroad. Thailand has become a mecca for medical tourism and especially for cosmetic surgery. The quality of the facilities is as good as the west and the price is significantly lower.

Oftentimes, at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, patients are surprised that the level of service is even better than back home, which is a strong incentive for them to visit here again. Men and women can get this procedure done. The attractive refined aspects of the chin generally have softer contours, while the accepted ideal masculine characteristics of the chin have stronger and sharper angles around the jaw line.

It is up to the individual to discuss with the surgeon the exact details of the surgery and to decide what is possible, safe, and appropriate for the patient. As for the Male to Female Transgender Surgery candidates, the Chin Augmentation is performed as a part of general Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS).

How the Surgery is Implemented

Most patients undergo either general anesthesia or local anesthesia during this treatment which entails an initial incision inside the mouth of the patient. This is done to avoid scarring on the outside of the mouth. Individuals who have a double chin will have an incision made on the outside of the mouth to remove the excess fat via liposuction. Implants that are used in chin augmentation surgery are generally silicone or soft tissue synthetic implants.

These materials are popular because they are easy for the surgeon to work with and to insert into the patient’s tissues and creating the sculpted effect for the patient. The patient’s mandible is the entry point of the implant and here is where the shape of the chin can be controlled most easily in the sculpting process. The surgery can take anywhere from one to two hours and the patient will often stay overnight, but it differs from patient to patient.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is the top facility in Thailand for all cosmetic surgeries. Professional service is all we know here and we strive to deliver the best to our patients. We gauge our services by the feedback from our customers and consistently update our facilities and training for all employees to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.
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