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Chin Shaving Surgery in Thailand
Chin Shaving Surgery in Thailand

Thailand has always been an open-minded society and many people come here to live and travel because of this. Consequently, many individuals looking to change their facial features seek out the best surgeons in “The Land of Smiles”, and the industry has blossomed, making Thailand a top destination for cosmetic surgeries in the world. There are many procedures available now to enhance and beautify the appearance of the face. One of these is chin shaving or chin remodeling. This is an involved surgery, requiring detailed planning with the patient and the surgeon to ensure safety and satisfaction for the final outcome of the operation.

Changing Your Facial Appearance

These days it is necessary for people be able to perform and look their best to secure a good job and attract other people. To be your best, you have to make a lasting first impression on those around you. The world is moving fast and many people are attracted to the more refined aspects of people’s bodies and therefore desire chin shaving for themselves as a complement to their overall appearance. Chin shaving is one of the newer surgeries available to enhance one’s physical beauty also referred to as Reduction Genioplasty.

Many individuals seek this procedure out to modify their chin’s shape, usually wanting to sculpt its contours into more shapely ones, dropping the squareness or angular appearance of the jawline. The procedure can also be done on male or female individuals wanting to change their appearance for general cosmetic reasons. This surgery can be performed in conjunction with Chin Implant Surgery, Facelift or nose job (Rhinoplasty). The surgery encompasses the aspects of Chin Reduction to allow the sculpting of a new chin. The term shaving refers to the reshaping of the chin bone which is done with a special burr type instrument.

Chin Shaving Procedure and Recovery

Chin Shaving is primarily sought out by those looking for the newest and most advanced cosmetic facial enhancement surgical techniques. The surgery involves making incisions inside the mouth and sometimes on the outside. The process can take as little as thirty minutes or up to two hours depending on what the surgeon and the patient have decided upon to include in the reconstruction plan. There are a lot of factors that must be considered and this is not a simple surgery. The shaving away of the bone of the jaw results in fairly long recovery time and a significant amount of swelling and pain after the completion of the surgery. Utmost care will be taken to deliver the very best pre- and post-operative care for the patient at MedAsia Healthcare Complex.

Our surgeons are some of the best in the world in performing cosmetic facial operations. The surgeons have been trained abroad and these surgeries are offered at very affordable prices. It is our wish for you to experience our expertise and professional service. Please visit our facility to find out more information about us and to research more about Chin Shaving.
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