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Forehead Lift Surgery (Brow Lift) in Thailand
Forehead Lift Surgery (Brow Lift) in Thailand

Going on an international excursion to get medical care is becoming more and more popular for westerners as they discover that medical care offered in countries such as Thailand is of high quality and comparable to the service that they receive in their home country. In Thailand, facial cosmetic surgery is affordable, safe, and convenient. Forehead Lift is among the popular facial cosmetic surgeries available in Thailand and MedAsia Healthcare Complex has some of the best surgeons and physicians in Thailand.

As the medical tourism industry grows, there are more types of cosmetic and plastic surgery becoming available in light of the dynamic trend of the personal beautification market. There is a high demand for surgeons who specialize in operations such as Forehead Lift to give people that self-confidence which they are looking for to be their best in a competitive world. Forehead Lift Surgery, also known as Brow Lift can alter the drooping of the eyebrows and wrinkles across the forehead. The procedure is sometimes done in conjunction with Face Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy) and other similar procedures.

The Process and Recovery

There are several incisions that must be made after the patient has been anesthetized. The initial one is done over the scalp from ear to ear, called a coronal cut. The exact location is determined by the surgeon, but it is generally done right behind the hairline. The skin of the forehead is lifted and pulled back to smooth out the wrinkles and creases that have ensued from aging. The excess skin and other tissue are trimmed off from the stretched portion that is no longer needed. After this has been completed, the incision will be sutured.

A modified approach to this traditional method is called an endoscopic lift. This entails making puncture-type incisions at the hairline and using an endoscope to remove muscles tissue that causes frown lines and tension on the surface of the skin. A small amount of hair might be removed during a forehead lift, but generally it is held to one side during the surgery. Usually, there are very few complications with this surgery, however, sometimes the scarring might result in less hair growing back at the site where the incision was made or one’s hairline might be so strong as to cause the scar to be noticeable.

There are ways to resolve these issues and the surgeon will discuss these with you. Also, it is important to prevent any infection from occurring by getting the proper amount of rest and refraining from strenuous activities, as well as not rubbing the scalp area or getting it excessively wet. After about two weeks, the patient will be able to resume normal activities again.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex Offers Forehead Lift at Reasonable Prices

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is Thailand’s premier medical facility in which foreigners can expect and receive the very best in medical care. We specialize in many various types of cosmetic surgery including forehead lifts. Our staff would like to welcome you to come for a visit and schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to assist you in developing a medical treatment plan which is right for you.
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