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Look Young with a Full Face Lift Surgery in Thailand
Look Young with a Full Face Lift Surgery in Thailand

In light of new technologies and a changing economic environment around the world, the medical tourism market has gained momentum across the world, especially in Asia. Thailand is one of the hotspots where people go to get various kinds of surgeries done, including Full Face Lift. There is a competitive market in Thailand to offer the best services and the lowest price to foreigners looking for high quality health care.

When people look at a person’s face, the first thing that they see is the aging aspects of one’s skin, especially around the eyes and the hairline. This is why it is so important to be able to make necessary changes to one’s appearance, so that these negative aspects don’t stand out and cause low self-confidence in the person. The great thing about the age that we are living in is that modern medicine has become incredibly hi-tech, allowing many anti-aging techniques to be implemented.

Cosmetic Industry Boom

People are going to do whatever it takes in our modern society to look their best and Full Face Lift Surgery is in high demand to reverse the aging effects of loose and wrinkled skin around the jowls, cheeks, and eyelids. Individuals who are getting older can have a full face lift and rejuvenate their entire appearance, creating a younger and more vibrant looking face. The first step is to have a consultation with a surgeon to find out what the best is for the patient and how to design the overall procedure. Medical history and risks associated with the operation will be covered during the initial consultation.

Full Face Lift often needs to have custom-designed incisions designated for specific areas of the face. Common incision sites are made from the temple area down toward the higher part of the ear’s edge. Then it follows the cartilage and travels along the crease to the earlobe. The incisions allow the surgeon to pull together the loose skin, along with the muscles and other membranes underneath the skin, tightening the overall structure and forming new contours. After the surgery is completed, the incised areas are stitched up. Sometimes the surgeon will insert a drainage tube underneath the skin behind the ear to blood and fluids to drain out from the area.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex Offers Top Quality Services

During the surgery, local or general anesthesia is administered to the patient. The operation takes about three hours and healing time will vary according to each patient, but it usually takes one to two weeks. Oftentimes, the procedure is done with injection therapy and other complementary cosmetic procedures to design and deliver the optimal results for the patient’s satisfaction. MedAsia Healthcare Complex is one of the best facilities in Thailand to get this surgery done at. Our staff is only made up of highly experienced and internationally accredited doctors and surgeons to facilitate the best possible treatment for you.
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