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Gender Reassignment Surgery (Penile Skin Inversion) in Thailand.
Gender Reassignment Surgery (Penile Skin Inversion) in Thailand.

Gender Reassignment Surgery is popular among male to female transsexuals and Thailand is popular country to travel to in which patients can get this done. Here at MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand, we have the best facilities available in which to receive this surgery, as well as counseling to make sure it is the right decision for your life. Transsexuals struggle many years before they decide that gender reassignment surgery is right for them.

There are many reasons that a person wants to change from being a male to a female. Society has become complex and people need to belong and feel accepted and be able to be independent as well as express their inner selves. Some individuals find this acceptance and freedom of personal expression through having Gender Reassignment Surgery done.

Gender Reassignment Surgery

The surgeries that can transform a male to female are numerous and becoming highly technical and sophisticated. Gender Reassignment Surgery change many aspects of the body including facial characteristics that are unwanted. For the transgender, there are many aspects of the body and face that must be altered for them to feel comfortable in becoming more feminine. Facial feminization and breast implants are just part of the journey to becoming a transgendered woman. The major surgery is creating sex organs that are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Procedure

The procedure is a combination of a penile skin inversion and an immediate full thickness skin graft. A vaginal canal is created underneath the urethral opening and prostate gland. Vaginal depth is an important factor for most patients. The technique that lengthens the depth of the vagina uses the full thickness skin graft from the scrotal area. Hair on the scrotum must be removed so that the skin graft is placed at the distal end of the penile skin flap lengthening the depth at least two inches. A portion of the glans is then converted into a clitoris making it fully functional and aesthetically appealing.

Thailand is a Popular Destination for Gender Reassignment Surgery

Gender reassignment surgery can drastically change someone’s life so it is important for the surgeon to make sure that the person interested in the procedure is psychologically healthy and does not have any issues that might cause the person to be unhappy with the Gender Reassignment Surgery. The patient needs to be at least eighteen years old with parental permission for anyone under twenty years old. It is also mandatory that the patient has lived in a cross-gender role for no less than one year.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is one the premier facilities that Thailand has to offer for patients wanting to get this procedure done. The medical personnel are made up of many highly experienced surgeons who are familiar with the needs of transgender patients. The surgeons and nurses are highly trained to cope with the special needs of male to female patients. A lot of people who decide to get this procedure are looking for the best surgeons to do this. Fortunately, MedAsia Healthcare Complex is in Thailand.
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