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Hair Transplantation in Thailand Restores Youthful Vigor
Hair Transplantation in Thailand Restores Youthful Vigor

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is Thailand’s premier healthcare facility which offers state-of-the-art healthcare for patients from around the world. There is a growing need for more accommodation for medical services because of the high demand from patients both living here and traveling to Thailand from abroad. Among the growing demands is an increased interest in hair transplants. Hair transplants are a very effective way to counteract the aging process, specifically male pattern baldness. Hair transplants can reverse the visual effects of aging for men and women, giving them new vim and vigor and adding a new dimension to enjoying life.

Baldness Can Cause Low Self-Confidence

There are reasons other than balding to get a hair transplant done, such as injuries sustained from burning, or from other surgeries.However, the single most common reason for people for getting hair transplants is because of male pattern baldness.The balding process can be a very humbling experience and cause a significant loss of self-esteem in a person. Hair transplant can effectively treat male pattern baldness. micrografting, minigrafting, and megasessions are performed at our facility. Deciding on which method is the correct one for you will be decided upon by you and the surgeon.

The Steps of the Procedure

This involves removing pieces of the scalp and inserting hair follicles into the skin and then replacing the skin back into the scalp. This is usually done under local anesthetic and it takes up to six hours to complete. Complications that can result from this surgery usually include infections, which will seriously undermine the healing of the grafts. Skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema, can also complicate the healing process and measures need to be taken before the surgery to avoid any infections occurring after the surgery.


Soreness and aching of the scalp will be a normal reaction after the surgery has been completed. This should dissipate within forty-eight hours. The surgeon will most likely give you some pain killer meds to alleviate these symptoms. It is important to not scratch or rub the scalp area where the grafted skin has been placed to avoid infection or the tearing out of the grafts. Washing of the hair should be done gently and the areas operated on should be avoided completely for the first few days. Any rigorous activity should be avoided until about two weeks after the procedure.

Professional Hair Transplantation is Available at MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is a well-respected institution in Thailand. Cosmetic surgeries are specialized in at our facility and people come from all over the world to receive treatments such as hair transplants and many other services as well. Our surgeons are internationally trained and are fully licensed and accredited to provide safe and cost-effective medical care to every patient. The staff helping the surgeons will complement the whole experience that you have when visiting our facility and impress you with their high-caliber level of service.
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