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Mini Face Lift in Thailand
Mini Face Lift in Thailand

There are many reasons to get a mini-facelift done. People want to look their best and not get rejected by others. They want to fit in and belong with a group. Others just want to look their best and not look old. Some might say it is all about vanity, but whatever your reason is; mini-facelifts are one of the best ways to make yourself look young again. The facelift was first implemented in the beginning of the 19th century. The skin was cut in front of the ear and loose skin was removed. This was a simple but effective technique that was the basis of what is still performed today.

Amazing Technology Facilitates Surgeons

Now, with technology being incredibly advanced from what it was one hundred years ago, the new techniques, equipment, and methods, along with other facial cosmetic surgeries makes this a more complicate procedure because if the vast array of choices. The Mini Face Lift is the best way to get great results with minimal intrusion. The standard incision runs from the sideburn, along the front of the ear, and ends at the earlobe. Mini-facelift can be done more than once and a full facelift can be done on the same area if necessary.

The Convenience of a Quick Recovery Time

Usually people who get Mini Face Lift have excess fat and folds in the skin that obscure the natural contours of the face. They don’t want to undergo the full facelift procedure because of the time constraints caused by the longer healing period. Typically, patients that opt for a mini-facelift have done the research and realize that a mini-facelift is the convenient alternative for them and offer everything they need to look and feel better with a minimal recovery time. As busy as people are these days, they don’t want to nor can afford to miss work and physical activities such as sports which are important to maintaining their sense of well-being.

Upon completing a consultation and reviewing the patient’s medical history, the surgeon must discuss the details of the desired outcome of the patient. The focus of the surgery is usually on the cheeks, jowls, laugh lines, and the upper and outer areas of the eyebrows and eyelids. The surgery begins with the administration of the anesthesia. This is usually local anesthesia and/or an intravenous numbing agent. The incision is place according the specific needs of the patient which will have previously been addressed and outlined.

The Steps and Best Place to Get a Mini-Facelift Done

Fatty tissues are liposuctioned through the incised areas with great care. The skin around the incised areas will be trimmed accordingly and then stitched up with the right tension to create new contours and a tightened and fresh look. Light bandages are then pace over the wounds and the recovery time is quite short as the trauma from a mini-facelift.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is located in Thailand. The center is staffed with highly experienced and internationally trained surgeons, nurses, and medical personnel who have a strong desire to provide and deliver the best mini-facelift surgeries to anyone seeking to look and feel younger and more vibrant.
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