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Nose Reduction (Reduction Rhinoplasty) in Thailand
Nose Reduction (Reduction Rhinoplasty) in Thailand

Nose reduction is a common facial cosmetic enhancement surgery that decreases the amount of bone and cartilage. This surgery is also known as reduction rhinoplasty and it has become more advance over the years to become very custom oriented for each patient. The surgeon is trained to create the ideal balance image of each individual patient according to that person’s unique facial contours and natural genetic formations. Incisions are done on the alar area of the nose. Bone and cartilage are reshaped and removed and skin is repositioned over the reconstructed area.

The Procedure and Recovery Time

The process takes about two hours and the surgery is most often done under general anesthetic. The incisions are made at the base of the nose and then the nose is marked where the next cuts will be made to reduce the enlarged part of the nose under consideration. The tissue is then cut out and then the skin pulled tight together where the removed tissue was and stitched together. A specialized nose reduction method called turbinate reduction surgery is a method done to reduce the tubular section inside the nose to alleviate nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing.

Consultation with the Surgeon and Expectations

The surgeon will need to evaluate and consult with the patient and regarding the individual’s medical history and psychological profile. Oftentimes, patients rush into the surgery without carefully examining all the alternatives to enable the patient to make the wisest decisions about their expectations from the surgery. The worst thing is to have an unsatisfied patient who feels they have been cheated or are disappointed with the results of the surgery. This is why it is important to do a thorough consultation and complete diagramming with the surgeon.

The patient’s facial and nasal characteristics are analyzed including, scars, skin category and the overall alignment of the nasal units. Nasal examinations and analyses provide a view of the nose’s structures and specific angles and other unique contours of the bone and cartilage of the area. Nose reduction can be categorized as either open or closed rhinoplasty with open being performed on the outside of the nose and closed being performed exclusively from the inside. The best thing about nose reductions is waking up and being completely finished with the surgery and going home.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex Performs Nose Reductions

The recovery time will a couple of weeks with the swelling and bruising subsiding on a day to day basis. Of course the patient must refrain from any sports related activities or anything else that might jar the nose or expose it to elements such as extreme temperatures in the air and excessively strong water flows Thailand has become a leading country for medical tourism and MedAsia Healthcare Complex can offer nose reductions at very low prices and with high quality advanced technological skills. The best surgeons operate here in Thailand and they are trained abroad to receive the best training possible before they begin practicing medicine. Nose reductions are among many of the surgeries available.
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