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Plastic Surgery Center
6th Floor : Plastic Surgery Center

   Cosmetic Surgery has been one of the major milestones in plastic surgery. This technique was started since 1899 for correcting body features and continuously evolved using modern techniques to correct deformities, improve one’s self appearance, gain self esteem and strengthen self worth.
   MedAsia Healthcare Complex offer well trained and highly experience medical professionals to assist people in understanding the benefits and importance of the aesthetic and reconstructive procedures not only by giving the highlight of information but also assist people in making realistic goals with the use of modern and reliable technologies we have.

When deciding if cosmetic surgery is right for you, consider the following:

Your Expectations
   The best plastic surgery patients are those who have realistic expectations. They realize that a surgical procedure will not restore broken relationships and will not solve other emotionally related problems. Patients who are otherwise pleased with themselves but dislike specific physical characteristics that is amenable to surgical correction tend to be good surgical candidates. Other good candidates are those with a physical defect or cosmetic flaw that has affected their confidence over time.

Time and Expenses
   Do you need to take time away from work recover from your procedure? It is important to plan well to allow time to heal and achieve optimal results.

Potential Risks
   All procedures pose certain risks. Be sure you understand the risks specific to your situation by discussing these with your physician. Common risk factors for individual procedures can be found by checking the lists of cosmetic procedures

Physical and Psychological Changes
   Cosmetic surgery does more than cause physical changes; often it fosters enhanced self- esteem. However if you are interested to surgery to influence or change another person, you may be disappointed. Cosmetic surgery cannot cause dramatic changes in any person except you.

Possible Risks
   By working closely with a cosmetic surgeon, you will be able to establish specific, measurable and achievable goals that will ensure satisfaction with your procedures results.

Finding an Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon
   In addition to finding a cosmetic surgeon with experience performing the procedure you desire, it’s important to consider the facility where the procedure will take place. MedAsia Healthcare Complex location has accredited facilities, and you can rest assured that a full spectrum of qualified health care professionals is available at all times.

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