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Sigmoid Colon Transforms Males to Females in Thailand
Sigmoid Colon Transforms Males to Females in Thailand

People need to know the gender category which they belong to and surprisingly there are many who struggle with this issue. They might spend many years before deciding to undergo a major surgery such as a sigmoid colon male to female surgery. There are many theories about why this happens but suffice it to say that some people need to become the opposite gender to become happy inside and the technology is now available to do it.

Thailand is a Popular Country for Gender Reassignment Surgery

Sigmoid Colon Surgery is often done as a Gender Reassignment Surgery that entails changing the male sexual organs to resemble the female anatomy.The surgery requires removal of the penis and converting it into a vagina. This is done via a skin graft or a piece of an intestine. Although this surgery is not common in America, because of its controversial nature, it is quite common in Thailand because of its very liberal nature. The number of transsexual and transgender individuals residing in Thailand is quite high.

The culture is very accommodating of its transsexual population as well as homosexuals and most other non-traditional sexual lifestyles. The culture does not seem to be antagonistic against people that pursue these lifestyles and it is quite comfortable for them to proceed however they want to. With such an open attitude, Thailand has attracted many foreigners as well as its own domestic population. Transsexual, trans-gender, cross-gender, and gay venues are everywhere, especially in the capital city of Bangkok.

Welcome to Sigmoid Colon Surgery Paradise

What better place to get a sigmoid colon surgery than the sex change capital of the world, which is what Thailand has become because of the skilled surgeons that do sex change operations so often here.The person deciding to pursue this endeavor should have some form of social support, especially the family if possible. It is very important that the candidate is psychologically sound and this is something that must be assessed before the surgeon can be performed.

Surgical Procedure

To change male to female genitalia, an incision is made at the scrotum and the skin is then pulled back and the testes are removed. The skin is pulled down out as the way as the shaft is removed completely, leaving only a small portion or stump with which the new vagina will be formed in conjunction with the sigmoid colon for a functioning vagina. After the surgery, the patient must stay in the hospital for several days before returning home. The patient can slowly resume regular activities over the course of about two months.

The Best Place for Gender Reassignment Surgery is in Thailand

MedAsia Healthcare Complex has some of the best facilities in Southeast Asia in which to get a sigmoid colon surgery done. Individuals interested in this kind of surgery should consult with one of our surgeons to get professional advice about what to expect from the surgery. Also, it is imperative to visit a psychiatrist, which can be done on the premises, the same day, if you wish. We welcome you to come in or contact us to make an appointment with your family and loved ones.
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