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Get a High Quality Tip Rhinoplasty Surgery in Thailand
Get a High Quality Tip Rhinoplasty Surgery in Thailand

A Tip Rhinoplasty is a specialized surgery in which the cartilage of the nose is manipulated and reformed around the nose tip. Some patients want to adjust the tip of the nose separately from a standard rhinoplasty. During a nose tip rhinoplasty, no bone tissue is altered with tissues are affected and there is no need to wear a splint after the nose tip rhinoplasty surgery. Usually, this surgery is performed while the patient is under local anesthesia, but it depends on how much the surgeon and patient think the patient’s pain tolerance is.

Important to Have Thorough Consultation

Reduction of the nose tip is done through the shortening of the front portion of the septum and the alar portion.Tip rhinoplasty is very common among patients looking to change the shape of the tip, bridge, or distance between the nostrils. Tip rhinoplasty is an effective way to get the transformation you need for attracting potential partners in the dating game and making new friends in the social arena.

It is important to not have overly grandiose ideas about that tip rhinoplasty can do for you and this is something which you will discuss with your surgeon. The surgery will definitely alter your appearance t some degree, but it may or may not get the compliments that you had originally expected from other people.

At MedAsia Healthcare Complex, tip rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular surgeries done for foreigners and people from Thailand. Facial plastic surgery is on the rise as many people discover that the costs of receiving a nose job or tip rhinoplasty is far lower that it is in their home country, usually America, Europe, or Australia.

Advanced Technology Allows for Advanced Treatments at Low Costs

In the twenty-first century, technology exponentially grows so fast that there are many new methods with cutting edge equipment that allow surgeons to do amazing things at relatively low costs. Now, it is implementing an impressive infrastructure for delivery of extremely high-quality medical care and the competition is growing in Thailand and around Southeast Asia, so MedAsia Healthcare Complex is staying ahead of the surge by offering a large array of surgeries for cosmetic as well as medically necessary reasons.

A Tip Rhinoplasty Surgery usually takes between one to two hours. The sculpting process is a complicated procedure that requires the bone and cartilage to be completely separated from the skin, thereby allowing a completely new shape to be molded and then reattached and realigned. After the surgery, the face will be swollen, achy, and bruised. This is normal, and the surgeon will give you pain medication and ice packs or cold compresses to relieve the effects and speed up the healing process. It is necessary to stay in bed for the first few days with the head elevated.

As the wounds heal, the new contours and angles that have been reconstructed will emerge over the course of a few weeks. It is important to be patient the first few weeks until the swelling and bruising has subsided, because the benefits of the surgery will not be apparent until the wounds have healed.
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