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Liposuction Surgery in Thailand Really Changes Lives
Liposuction Surgery in Thailand Really Changes Lives

The medical tourism industry is burgeoning in Southeast Asia and Thailand is the recipient of a large number of the potential candidates interested in various procedures including liposuction, or suction-assisted lipectomy. This surgery is a fairly simple treatment and safe. It entails removing portions of fat from specific areas of the body like the neck, buttocks, and abdomen.

People have different ideal images in their mind about how they would like to look and although a liposuction surgery can affect dramatic changes in a person’s appearance it is best to have a more pragmatic mindset about the desired outcome of your ideal image. The procedure is best done by an experienced surgeon who can make wise decisions about how much adipose tissue to remove at one time and how often it should be done.

Choosing Liposuction Surgery Wisely

The surgeons at MedAsia Healthcare Complex are accredited and highly experienced in liposuction surgeries. We will consult privately with you to decide what the best route to take is and custom design the best plan for you. The main considerations for surgeons are to avoid treatments that lead to a saggy look, infection, and excessive loss of body fluids. Also, overtreatment can lead to unsightly distortions of the fatty tissue underneath the skin, so the surgeon will give the patient the best advice to avoid this.

First, the surgeons must take a look at your medical history to identify any indicators of potential risks that might occur during the surgery. Then, the surgeon must decide if there are any complementary surgeries that might be beneficial in performing in conjunction with the liposuction therapy such as a facelift, abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. Some preparatory procedures that might be implemented by the surgeon are to draw blood before the surgery to replace any that might be lost during the surgery.

Usually, the surgeon will have you fast the night before the surgery, as well as drinking very little fluids. The surgery is usually performed on an out-patient or in-patient basis, depending on which part of the body is to be treated and how much fatty tissue is going to be removed. To ease the swelling, a pressure garment must be worn for several weeks after treatment to ensure proper healing and swelling control of the area operated on. The bruising and pain generally only lasts for about two days after the surgery has been performed.

Strenuous activities should be avoided for about two weeks to allow the healing cycle to be completed. It is important to remember to adopt a healthy diet plan and not splurge after getting the fat removed, because fat cells can repopulate the area around where the previous ones were removed leading to unattractive weight gain.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Many medical surgeries are available at our facility including cosmetic ones such as liposuction or lipoplasty. Our surgeons are internationally trained and are fully licensed and accredited to provide safe and cost-effective medical care to every patient. The staff helping the surgeons will complement the whole experience that you have when visiting our facility and impress you with their high-caliber level of service.
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