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Gene Test Center
11th Floor : Gene Test Center


   Life is made individually. Prevention and cure are tailored-made.
   Some thought that they couldn’t change their fate. Just like their grandparents, uncles & aunts, fathers and mothers, they will end up with the family’s illness and eventually pass this hereditary illness to their children.
   Some diseases take time to develop. Certain underlying diseases stay in you for your entire life without giving any signs until the bell tolls.
Will you just accept it and wait for the day to come. You know that it will actually happen, but you just do not know when? The gene test can provide you with “your individual guideline of life.”

   Preventive gene test can predict undesirable illnesses passed on from ancestors. It tests for not only the genetic illnesses, but also other illnesses that you are at risk of. If your family’s health history has members who have diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer or stroke; you are likely to have higher risks comparing to other people who do not have this kind of record.

   A Pre-symptomatic gene test can tell whether you are prone to certain disease and when it will arise, even though you are now perfectly fit and healthy. You will be given advice on nutrition and lifestyle that you use to prevent and reduce the chance of getting those diseases. Some external factors like a routine lifestyle of high stress, heavy smoking, drinking, inadequate sleep, sun exposure, and constant exposure to harmful substances can accelerate the disease’s appearance. Once you know, you can simply change it. For example; start exercising, eat more fruits and vegetables, be relaxed, quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol.

   These life guidelines can assist in planning your life with an exercise plan, diet plan, family planning, investments, insurance coverage and estate planning.
   Why use a trials and error method when choosing medications? A gene test for drug response can help your physicians to give you the right treatments, right medications, correct dosage, and prevent drug resistance. It will also save your precious time and reduce period of pain from these procedures.

   Some babies are born with deadly diseases or a life-time illness that breaks the mother’s heart and impacts the family’s finances. They may never have a chance to grow up or will always be a 5-year-old stuck in an aging body.

   Would you like this situation to happen to your child? It seems unpredictable, but these abnormalities can be detected in the mother’s womb or even before conception.
Prenatal gene test allows you to know the gene abnormalities in your baby that may cause Down’s syndrome or Thalassemia.

   Pre-implantation gene test, when performing in vitro fertilization you can even screen and select the embryo with normal genes before implantation.

Preparation and procedure
- During the pre-counseling, your requirements will be discussed and the family’s health history will be reviewed.
- The technician or nurse will collect a sample of blood or soft tissue and send it to the lab.
- Laboratory process and analysis will take 2-8 weeks
- Post-counseling with physicians, medical practitioners, pharmacists, nutritionists or related practitioners.
- Plan your life!
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