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Acupuncture – The Art of Healing in Thailand

Acupuncture, an ancient healing practice, is utilized by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Bangkok, Thailand, and MedAsia Healthcare Complex over here is the leading center for getting this treatment done. The treatment procedure is based on the belief that there are existing channels or pathways that affect bodily structures and other organs. The pressure points are where the energy from the pathways emerges.

Acupuncturists consider these points to be pathways for the circulatory channels that lie deep in the body. This Chinese form of healing makes use of fine needles, which are implantedin various parts of the body. The needles stimulate these pressure points, awakeningthe body’s natural therapeutic powers.


Our acupuncturist will diagnose by talking to the patient and observing for clues. He or she will then decide on the type of treatment they will utilize. Acupuncturists diagnose their patients in four ways: inquiring, inspecting, auscultating, and palpating.

After the first part of the diagnosis, the acupuncturist will take the pulse from both arms, and inspect the person’s tongue. Since ancient times, acupuncture treatments have been led by intuition and philosophy.

The usual treatment procedure involves the use of 6 to 12 needles. The force and number of the needles are not as important as their accurate positioning. The patient can expect a slight prick upon the insertion of the needle. After insertion, pain will no longer be felt. In case of discomfort, numbness or pain the patient should alert the acupuncturist right away.

Treatment time can range from a few minutes to a few hours, but the usual duration is 20 to 30 minutes. Here are some techniques that our acupuncturist might perform during the therapy:
  • Moxibustion–Also known as moxa, this is the process of activating and warming the pressure points with the use of needles heated with dried herb sticks.
  • Cupping –This treatment is mostly practiced on customers with sports injuries, where qi and blood stagnate. Glass cups are applied in order to produce suction on the patient’s skin.
  • Herbal Medicine –These medications usually come in capsules, pills, and teas. Made with Chinese herbs, these are used to improve and hasten the healing effects of this traditional form of treatment.
  • Electrostimulation–Practiced on patients experiencing muscle aches and pain.Electrostimulation involves the use of 2-4 treatment needles. It is known to provide immediate pain relief.
  • Laser acupuncture –The stimulation of pressure points without the use of any needles.
The Effects of Acupuncture
  • It stimulates the release of endorphins, which help in relieving pain
  • It results in the circulation of neurotransmitters, elements that play a rolein the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain
  • It fuels the autonomic nervous system
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It stimulates the passage of the body’s electrical currents
Conditions Treated by Thailand Acupuncturists
  • Addictions (drugs, alcohol, smoking)
  • Common cold/flu
  • Migraines, headaches
  • Meniere's disease
  • Sinusitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Trigeminalneuralgia
  • Sciatica
  • Vomiting/nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Arthritis/osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Menopause/PMS
  • Rhinitis
  • Low back pain
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Weight loss
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Constipation/diarrhea
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fertility/reproductive problems
  • Dental pain
  • Seasonal affective disorder
  • Menstrual problems
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Acne, eczema,dermatitis
  • Asthma
Patients will benefit greatly from visiting expert acupuncturists based in MedAsia Healthcare Complex. Practiced for several millennia, it’s a traditional and complementary therapy that improves your health in ways you never thought possible!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system that has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness for over twenty-five centuries. Using diet and exercise, Massage, acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, it can correct disorders, alter states of mind, enhance immunity and increase our capacity for creativity, work and pleasure. TCM views humans as a microcosm of the universe that surrounds them.

Traditional Chinese Medicine originated in Ancient China and has evolved over thousands of years. TCM practitioners use herbs, acupuncture, and other methods to treat a wide range of conditions. Herbal medicines and acupuncture are the treatments most commonly used by TCM practitioners. Other practices include moxibustion, cupping, massage, mind-body therapy and dietary therapy.

Here at MedAsia Healthcare Complex, our acupuncturists take a holistic approach to the maintenance of health and the management of disease with a focus on improving overall well being. We have well trained, experienced and certified acupuncturist that correct imbalances in the body by inserting fine needles into acupuncture points, thus maintaining or restoring good health and wellbeing. We are meticulous with the procedures either invasive or non- invasive that’s why every procedure done are carefully recorded, analyzed and kept for confidential purposes.

How does it work?
Several theories have been presented as to exactly how acupuncture works. One theory suggests that pain impulses are blocked from reaching the spinal cord or brain at various “gates” to these areas. Since a majority of acupuncture points are either connected to (or are located near) neural structures, this suggests that acupuncture stimulates the nervous system.

Another theory suggests that acupuncture stimulates the body to produce narcotic- like substances called endorphins, which reduce pain. Other studies have found that other pain- relieving substance called opiods may be released into the body during acupuncture treatment.

Benefits of Acupuncture
Acupuncture therapy is considered to be one of the most popular methods of healing the body. You will find an acupuncture clinic in almost every major city of the nation. There are many benefits linked with acupuncture. Some of these benefits are:
  • Drug free Healing- acupuncture therapy does not use any kind of drugs in order to heal the body. It is a drug- free           approach of curbing health related problems. The drugs may contain harmful chemicals which may cause additional       damage to the body.
  • Provides Energy- acupuncture therapy is known to be extremely instrumental in providing energy and strength to the       patient. After the therapy is over, the patient feels re-energized and accumulates strength.
  • Builds Immunity- acupuncture therapy is believed to develop and boost immunity into the patient. The patient will be       less susceptible to disease if acupuncture therapy is done on a regular basis.
  • Improves Blood Circulation- acupuncture therapy is also known to improve the blood flow in the body. Due to this, the     person will be able to live a much healthier life and be away from harmful conditions.
  • Fights Harmful Diseases at a Quick Pace- acupuncture therapy claims to heal various dangerous diseases after a few     sessions. Some of diseases includes:
     o Depression
     o Angina
     o Vertigo
     o High Blood Pressure
     o Inflammation
     o Obesity
     o Bodily Pains

Does it hurt?
Unlike hypodermic needles, acupuncture needles are solid and hair-thin, and they are not designed to cut the skin. They are also inserted to much more shallow levels than hypodermic needles, generally no more than a half-inch to an inch depending on the type of treatment being delivered.
While each person experiences acupuncture differently, most people feel only a minimal amount of pain as the needles are inserted. Some people reportedly feel a sensation of excitement, while others feel relaxed. If you experience significant pain from the needles, it may be a sign that the procedure is being done improperly.

Is it safe?
When practiced by a licensed, trained acupuncturist, acupuncture is extremely safe. As a system of health care, acupuncture already has some inherent safeguards. Because the treatment is drug-free, patients do not have to worry about taking several doses of a medication or suffering a possible adverse reaction.

Properly administered, acupuncture does no harm. However, there are certain conditions you should notify an acupuncturist about before undergoing treatment. If you have a pacemaker, for instance, you should not receive electro-acupuncture due to the possibility of electromagnetic interference with the pacemaker. Similarly, if you have a tendency to bleed or bruise easily, or if you are a hemophiliac, you may want to consider a different type of care.

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