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Cheek Augmentation Surgery in Thailand
Cheek Augmentation Surgery in Thailand

In recent years, Thailand has become a mecca for travelers and expatriates seeking low cost surgeries. Some of the most popular surgeries are cosmetic facial enhancement ones such as Cheek Augmentation. People considering getting this done have strong reasons to undergo such a sensitive surgery involving the face. Usually, they have contemplated it for a long time and by the time they have reached the surgeon’s office, they have decided that Cheek Augmentation is what they want performed. We at MedAsia Healthcare Complex offer Cheek Augmentation at a very reasonable price and invite you to visit us to learn more about our professional staff and services.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

Cheek Augmentation can restore the fullness to your cheeks if it has been lost with aging, or can create the appearance of strong cheek bones if you never had them. There are many options for aesthetic cheek surgery, depending on your particular appearance, and the look you wish to attain. The operation adds volume to the cheeks by effectively augmenting the bone structure of the cheek region, enhancing the foundation of your mid-face.

Flat cheekbones can make a large nose look larger and a receding chin smaller. A deficient cheek structure can also make your face appear drawn and gaunt. It may give the appearance of heaviness in the lower face and an aged look of the under eye area. The cheekbones are largely responsible for defining your face, highlighting the eyes and adding balance to your features.

Implants can be inserted in the cheeks to create symmetry and alter the contour of the cheekbones. The implants are typically made from silicone and can last a lifetime if taken care of. They are very effective in Cheek Augmentation treatments to reverse the undesirable look below the cheekbone or altering the height of the cheeks. There are other treatments for cheek augmentation including, but implants are by far the most popular and effective way to augment the appearance of the cheeks.

The Consultation with the Surgeon

The surgeon will need to get the patient’s medical history before the surgery begins to ensure all the measures have been taken to deliver and provide the highest quality and safest conditions for a successful operation. The patient will need to provide medical history of all previous surgeries, medications presently being used, and whether or not they have any known allergies to medications. Upon the completion of this consultation and evaluation by the surgeon, and his approval has been given to perform the operation, the patient will thenbe scheduled for an appointment.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex in Thailand is a highly qualified institution that offers this procedure as well as many others. The surgeons, nurses, and staff are hand-picked and highly trained to deliver exceptional care to all patients visiting our facility. We hope that you will consider us in obtaining medical care while you are in Thailand and invite you to come in for a visit to our facility.
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