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Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Available in Thailand
Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Available in Thailand

The demand for cosmetic surgery is on the rise as more and more people decide to enhance or completely change their appearance for social, romantic, or other personal reasons. Among these popular procedures is lower eyelid surgery. This operation is also known as blepharoplasty and is commonly done to reduce the loose and drooping skin around the eye area associated with aging and make it look more firm.

Reasons for the Surgery

Many people see themselves in the mirror and decide that something needs to be done about the older looking person staring back at them. Also, there are medical reasons for having this surgery performed such as excess skin obscuring the vision. However, this is relatively rare and usually the surgery is done strictly for cosmetic reasons. A thorough medical history review with be needed when the patient has decided to pursue the surgery.

Consulting with the Surgeon

The surgeon will also have a consultation to review the expectations of the patient. Lower eyelid surgery concentrates on removing the fatty deposits that have accumulated over time. Heredity can play a large part in this process of aging eyelids and factors such as overexposure to sun and ultraviolet rays.

Often, lower eyelid surgery is done in conjunction with facelifts or forehead lifts and can also be combined with other anti-aging skin therapies. The incision is made on the eyelash line outward towards the areas of the outside of the eyes that tend to wrinkle when smiling occurs. Unwanted fatty tissue and excess skin is removed and trimmed away with the remaining skin being pulled together and stitched. The process leaves the lower eyelids looking more vibrant, healthier, and most important of all, younger.

Recovery Requirements and Recommendations

The surgeon will apply lubrication ointment to the eyes to alleviate any dryness and the stitches that are put in at the completion of the surgery will be removed several days after the surgery, during a follow-up visit to the surgeon. The marks left by the incisions will be inflamed and swollen immediately following the surgery and take a little time to heal up. The bruising and discoloration is normal and will not be noticeable after about a week.

Sensitivity to light and blurriness might be some of the negative symptoms that the patient experiences after the surgery. The surgeon will provide you with eye drops to use regularly to alleviate any irritation or dryness. Extended periods of using the computer or watching television should be avoided following the surgery and wearing sunglasses is recommended.

MedAsia Healthcare Complex is one of the most respected and most reputable places to receive high quality medical treatments at very reasonable costs. Lower eyelid surgery is one choice among a wide array of surgeries that a patient can have done here. Lower eyelid surgery is often done in conjunction with other surgeries such as upper eyelid surgery or facelifts, so this makes it very convenient for our patients to get everything done at one location, preferably with the same surgeon, if the surgeries are the same type.
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